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Turning the Page: CJF America’s New Initiative to Promote Literacy and Community Libraries

In a world where approximately 320 million books are discarded and not recycled each year, CJF America is embarking on a transformative initiative to bring the joy of reading to underserved communities. Recognizing the value of these neglected books, our organization is committed to promoting literacy by establishing community libraries.

Library Installations in Durham, North Carolina: Our inaugural effort involved the installation of libraries in two Durham Housing Authority Communities: McDougald Terrace and Oxford Manor in Durham, North Carolina. With over 1,200 carefully curated books, these libraries serve as vibrant hubs for community members to explore literature and expand their knowledge.

Tutoring for Community Empowerment: Beyond providing access to books, CJF America is offering tutoring services to community members. Education is a cornerstone of empowerment, and our commitment to literacy extends to supporting individuals in their educational journeys.

Positive Impact on Mental Health: Research has consistently shown that exposure to literature has a positive impact on mental health and mood. Kristen Picot, a representative of CJF America, emphasizes the significance of reading as a means to escape and decompress. Reading not only transports individuals to different worlds but also contributes to stress reduction, the development of critical thinking skills, and improvement in memory.

Growing Access to Books and Knowledge: As CJF America continues to establish libraries in communities, our goal is to increase access to books and knowledge. We believe that fostering a love for reading creates a ripple effect, positively influencing individuals and communities alike.

Get Involved: If you know of a community that would benefit from a library, we encourage you to reach out to us via our social media channels @cjfamerica or email us at libraries@cjfamerica.org. Together, let’s turn the page on book waste and promote literacy as a gateway to a brighter future for all. #LiteracyInitiative #CommunityLibraries #ReadingEmpowers

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