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CJF America, Inc. Announces New Executive Director and Launch of The Cornerstone Project

CJF America, Inc. Announces New Executive Director and Launch of The Cornerstone Project

CJF America, Inc. is thrilled to announce the appointment of Janel Buckingham as the Executive Director of our latest initiative, The Cornerstone Project. After an extensive search, our advisory panel on hiring recognized Janel’s outstanding leadership credentials and her deep understanding of team dynamics, making her the perfect choice to steer this transformative endeavor.

Janel brings a remarkable blend of experience from the automotive and finance industries, where she has consistently excelled in leading and building high-performance teams, particularly in the Research Triangle Park area. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Janel’s entrepreneurial spirit is evidenced by her co-founding of ‘Chuck & Buck Cones ‘N Cups’ Ice Cream Parlor in Raleigh, North Carolina—a venture that earned accolades from local media and BuzzFeed as one of the best ice cream parlors in the state.

The Cornerstone Project was conceived after comprehensive deliberations on how best CJF America, Inc. can contribute to resource accessibility in underserved communities. This initiative will tackle the stigma associated with growing up in lower-income neighborhoods—a significant barrier that often prevents residents from reaching for resources that could dramatically improve their lives.


The Cornerstone Project aims to rekindle a sense of community, ensuring that essential resources available outside these neighborhoods are accessible within. By establishing community centers as hubs of connection, residents will have direct access to mental health services, primary care, job training, and educational opportunities. This includes our eight-week immersive coding school and summer programs, designed to equip participants with the skills necessary for immediate employment.

Our initiative aims to enrich local infrastructure by implementing libraries, providing internet access, fostering workforce development, serving as the epicenter for TEDx Talks, offering access to mental and physical health resources, distributing clothing, facilitating coding classes, offering GED programs, and supplying educational materials. These efforts will cultivate a nurturing environment conducive to personal and professional growth. Through strategic partnerships, we are committed to delivering sustainable programs that empower residents to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

With Janel at the helm, whose proven leadership and entrepreneurial success have prepared her uniquely for this role, we are confident in her ability to guide The Cornerstone Project towards a successful future. Her real-world experience, combined with a practical understanding of business and finance, positions her not only as a leader but as a beacon of hope for many.

At CJF America, Inc., we believe entrepreneurship is a vital tool in addressing the complex issues surrounding poverty. Under Janel’s direction, The Cornerstone Project is set to become a cornerstone of hope and transformation in our communities.

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