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Bridging the Gap: Ensuring Access to Feminine Hygiene Products for Young Girls

Bridging the Gap: Ensuring Access to Feminine Hygiene Products for Young Girls

A Message from CJF America President Kristen Picot

As a hands-on advocate for STEM education and empowerment, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. While STEM remains a key focus, my journey has led me to confront a critical challenge faced by many young girls: lack of access to feminine hygiene products.

This issue, often shrouded in silence and stigma, is surprisingly widespread. Globally, an estimated 500 million women and girls lack access to basic menstrual products and hygienic facilities. This translates to millions of young girls experiencing shame, anxiety, and even missing school due to their periods.

In my role with CJF America, I co-chair Prosperity North Carolina, where we champion policy initiatives that empower future generations. Addressing period poverty is an integral part of this mission, and that’s why I co-founded CJF America Care Bags.

These bags, distributed via mail or directly delivered within a radius of our Raleigh headquarters, provide women with essential hygiene products, currently including pads and tampons. We are committed to delivering 10,000 bags across the country, with a focus on North Carolina, and are actively seeking partnerships to expand our reach.

Our website will soon offer a dedicated contact option for bag requests or delivery. We believe that access to feminine hygiene products is a fundamental right, and we are dedicated to bridging the gap and ensuring all women and girls are empowered to reach their full potential.

Here are some data points from reputable sources that highlight the severity of the issue:

  • 500 million women and girls globally lack access to basic menstrual products and hygiene facilities. (World Bank)
  • 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school due to lack of period products or inadequate toilets. (UNESCO)
  • 10% of girls in the UK have been unable to purchase menstrual products, 15% have struggled to access them, and 19% have switched to less appropriate products due to cost. (Plan International UK)

These statistics paint a stark picture of the challenges faced by millions of girls around the world. Through CJF America Care Bags and our commitment to advocacy, we hope to make a real difference in the lives of young women and girls.

Join us in breaking the silence and ensuring that every girl has the access and support she needs to thrive.


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